Principal photography on What Light Remains will begin on June 1st, 2008. The film will be shot in the greater Burlington, Vermont area. Footage will be captured in true high definition digital format, for eventual pressing to standard DVD as well as Blu-Ray. Festival submissions are planned; market distribution and theatrical screening strategies are still to be decided.

If you are interested in distributing this high quality dramatic film, starring Larry Holden (Batman Begins, Memento), Courtney Gains (Back to the Future, The Burbs, Children of the Corn) and Jayson Argento (American Gun, Finding Providence), please contact us.

Dustin Little (JAYSON ARGENTO) is a normal guy with a normal life…until the lights go out. With an obsessive fear of storms and an unrelenting terror of the dark, he has lived his life surrounded by light, hiding from the darkest corners of his own mind. His only two friends, Frank (COURTNEY GAINS) and Emily (EMILY CERVINI), indulge his quirks while his therapist Edward (LARRY HOLDEN) helps keep his existence manageable. When Laura (KRISTA LARAINE), an intriguing writer of horror stories enters his life, however, things take a turn for the worse. A dark secret from Dustin’s past threatens to emerge, and Dustin doesn’t know how much longer he can keep it away from himself…or his friends.

A deep psychological drama from the director of Finding Providence, What Light Remains plumbs the dark recesses of a tormented past and explores the very nature of fear itself.