Jayson Argento – “Doug Anderson”, Director, Writer

A student of many disciplines, Jayson Argento has been active in the greater Burlington , Vermont artistic community for more than fifteen years. His efforts span the breadth of theater, film, music and the written word.

Jayson’s professional film pursuits began in 1998 as a featured extra in Edgewood Studios’ Moving Targets. In 2000, he worked with director Robert Zemeckis and actors Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer on the suspense thriller What Lies Beneath. Argento has studied film acting with Jock MacDonald at Carter Thor Studios East and received SAG eligibility for his role in Alan Jacobs’ American Gun (2001), working alongside James Coburn and Virginia Madsen. He has also starred in several short films, including The Black Box, Nice Car!, The Barbarossa Effect Trailer, Xill, Project Hex, Primevil and Drake Mountain Mystery, an innovative, Internet-based mock reality series. Projects written, directed and produced by Jayson include Cthulhu Chronicles: Episode One, The Ropes, selected for the 2006 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival as well as the Lovecraft in Vermont Festival, and a full-length feature film entitled Finding Providence. This Sundance Film Festival submission was picked up for national distribution through All Channel Films.

During Jayson’s acting career he has so far worked alongside such actors as Harrison Ford, James Coburn, Virginia Madsen, Bruce Campbell, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dedee Pfeiffer, George ‘Buck’ Flower, Stacy Keach, Billy Ray Cyrus, John James, Burt Ward, Sean Astin, Michael Pare, Morgan Fairchild, and John Schneider.


Stephen J. Maas – “Charles Reid,” Producer

A child of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, Steve Maas is an accomplished linguist, musician and businessman. Believing that nothing is worth doing unless it creates something new and interesting to put into the world, he has experience in a wide range of creative disciplines and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Steve, who is a fluent speaker of the German language, began a freelance translation company (On-Time Translations) in 2001. Focusing on the translation of technical documentation, particularly in the area of printing and publishing, Maas was able to grow this sole proprietorship at an average rate of 20% per year. It is now a premier provider of technical German translation services and works with clients from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom and Israel. Steve is a member of the American Translators Association.

Always in search of added challenges, Steve formed a creative services company called Catamount Creatives in 2006. Offering a full range of creative services, from web and graphic design to video and music production, Catamount Creatives has already provided sound mixing & editing services for two short films, produced live concert DVDs for the bands Blinded by Rage and Nowhere Found at the Higher Ground Music Hall and manages a range of websites for various clients.

Tim Kavanagh – “Carlton,” Executive Producer

As a local entertainer, Kavanagh is popular for his work in local independent films, game shows, plays, musicals, improvisational comedy, voiceovers, and event hosting throughout New England, New York and Quebec. He is the Host and Executive Producer of Late Night Saturday, a late night talk show that airs on CBS affiliate WCAX-TV.

Ironically, Kavanagh began his Burlington acting career with the Champlain College Theater Department while attending the school. He went on to perform in numerous theater productions, appearing on the Flynn Theater stage with Lyric Theatre and also with other local theater companies.

Since the mid 1990’s, Kavanagh has written and performed in countless interactive murder mysteries, several of which he co-wrote, such as “You Bet Your Life” and “Bye Bye Love.” He is frequently hired to entertain audiences aboard The Spirit of Ethan Allen III as well as at local restaurants, clubs, and social gatherings.

Having hosted numerous live events, Kavanagh was acknowledged on Entertainment Tonight, for serving as Master of Ceremonies for Jim Carrey at his wrap party for the feature film, “Me, Myself, and Irene.” He has also hosted local events throughout the state including the Vermont Teddy Bear Company’s popular “Meet the CBS Survivors” event. Kavanagh’s comedy career continued with local comedy troupe Kamikaze Comedy and performed improv comedy at The House of Blues and The Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago.

A national contest to host “The Simpson’s Movie” world premiere took place between towns named Springfield in 14 different states in the summer of 2007. Kavanagh, who played Homer Simpson, also co-wrote and directed the winning video in which he is seen running through town chasing a giant doughnut made from an inner tube. Twentieth Century Fox invited Tim to be the Master of Ceremonies for the world premier event in Springfield, where thousands of enthusiastic fans as well as the world press ring assembled. Producer James L. Brooks, Simpsons creator Matt Groening and Director David Silverman were interviewed by Tim for an episode of LNS that aired on October 13th along with former Phish band members Page McConnell and Mike Gordon.

A graduate of Champlain College, Kavanagh currently works as an account executive at Vermont’s largest television station, WCAX-TV. He resides in Burlington with his wife Sherry and three sons

Eric Clifford – Director of Photography
Harry Goldhagen – Camera Operator

Harry Goldhagen began writing at a very young age, with such (unpublished) works as Cats in Space (1968), The Right Tool (1975), and a New York Times parody called The Loony (1976). After causing quite a ruckus while managing and editing Fornight, the ill-named, award-winning monthly magazine at SUNY Stony Brook, he went on to receive a B.S. in biochemisty and an M.S. in molecular biology (Einstein, da Bronx). But despite the heavy science education, he never lost the taste for the publishing industry.

Professionally, Harry has worked as a medical editor for more than 20 years, for such esteemed publications as Scientific American Medicine, Infections in Medicine (including the famous “Bug of the Month” series, by Larry Lutwick, MD — OK, famous among IDs. . .), Medscape, Doctor’s Guide, and most recently, Clinical Care Options – Hepatitis.

In his spare time, Harry takes photographs (which you can see at www.harryllama.com), records and videotapes classical concerts and indie films, and tends to his llamas.

Joe Shelley – Camera Operator
Barb Pendl – Camera Operator
Logan Howe – “Serina”, 1st Assistant Director

After completing a double major in acting and film production at Emerson College, Logan started her beloved family and settled in Vermont. She kept busy in theatre, most recently working with local playwright Stephen Goldberg in “Sunspot: The Crime of the Need To Be Right” and “The Truth Has No Heart” and also in independent film, such as the experimental short, “The Smell of Who She Is”, and features like, “Strangers in the Night,” Finding Providence and What Light Remains.

Logan is thrilled to be back in Vermont after a brief sojourn in Orange County, California, where she taught acting to underprivileged children in Santa Ana and she picked up a decent amount of spanish. Best thing about VT? The people of Champlain Motion Pictures!

Felix Grevenbrock – Production Assistant, Boom Operator
Michael Foster – “Man in Alley,” Craft Services, Boom Operator
Karen Foster – “Woman in Alley,” Props & Wardrobe
Michael Foster – Craft Services, Boom Operator
Aron Meinhardt – “Monster,” Production Assistant
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