Colchester, Vermont – June 5, 2008

A Colchester radio station became a movie set Thursday.

A film crew took over the offices of 95 Triple X– to shoot scenes for a movie called “What Light Remains.” It’s an independent feature-length drama written, produced, and directed by Vermonters.

“At the end of the day, everyone’s local, everybody’s friends. It’s like for passion instead of personal gain, or something,” explained Jayson Argento of Champlain Motion Pictures.

“These guys, I barely know. But they feel like brothers and sisters,” said actor Larry Holden. “Everyone’s tight and working hard to be creative. Some of these guys are working for nothing. That’s something about Jayson and his team. You think that happens in Hollywood?”

Holden has been in movies including Batman Begins and Memento. He now lives in Addison County, and calls independent film more creative and rewarding than work for big Hollywood studios.

Champlain Motion Pictures hopes to screen “What Light Remains” by spring of next year.

Jack Thurston – WCAX News